Hello dear reader and welcome. I am Daryl, born and raised in Geneva. After working for a few years in marketing, I decided to launch my online shop The French 95. To learn more, keep reading.

How it all began
What is Style? It reflects a personality. It is sometimes extravagant, sometimes versatile, sometimes seasonal. What outfit are you wearing today? How did you select it? Where did you shop it? Perhaps from a Spanish, Swedish or British famous clothing brand. But why not a Swiss brand? This last question is what inspired me to launch my project in 2018. This is how The French 95 was born, a brand for Switzerland’s women’s fashion lovers. No matter the occasion, the season, the style or the budget, here you will find the perfect ingredient to brighten up your style. In other words, a trendbook offering affordable looks.

Why French95
The idea of naming my shop after a cocktail, was an obvious choice. Just like a good cocktail, it’s all about using the correct dosage when picking an outfit. At first glance, some ingredients do not mix, but by adding the right flavors, you get the perfect cocktail. The same goes an outfit, there are no faux-pas, it’s all about the dosage and flavors you add . Don’t you think?

The French 95 is a Swiss online shop for women's fashion - Order now and get free delivery in Switzerland
The French 95 - Quality and Responsibility

Quality is our priority

In order to guarantee a standard of quality that meets your expectations, I personally select and try the pieces sold on the shop. The French 95 favors articles produced in Europe. This is why most of the shop’s selection is manufactured either in England, Spain, France or Italy. Rest assured that nothing goes to waste. Unsold items are recycled to create new pieces/accessories or resold during closet-sales (another hobby of mine). The French 95 is thriving to do better. Your comments and suggestions help improve the shop’s offer and services.

Local talents
As a self-employed person, I know how difficult it is to embark on a project alone. This is why The French 95 is proud to be able to collaborate with local creators, entrepreneurs and artists to offer enriching and rewarding collaborations.

Local The community of 95frenchies

What better way to get to know each other than an event ? Closet-sales, pop up stores and shopping events are held throughout the year to thank you for your  support and grow the community of #95frenchies.

Shopping made easy

Today, The French 95 wants to give you the best shopping experience from the comfort of your home. No need to order from abroad to find the perfect outfit. The French 95 delivers it free of charge to your home.

French95 Cocktail

The French95 is a 1920’s cocktail, a bolder variation to the original French75. Just like the latter, The French95 was given its name in reference to the 95mm canon and its powerful kick.

The combination of Bourbon and Champaign is an unusual mix, yet makes it the perfect classic cocktail with a twist.

Next time, why not ask the Bartender for a French95?