Where it all began
The French 95 was born from the frustration of not being able to find enough variety in Swiss fashion retail shops.

The mission
An outfit for all occasions, an answer to all styles and stylish looks at an affordable price. New pieces are added to the stock every month to ensure a large choice.

The community of 95frenchies
What better way to get to know each other than a ‘soirée’ ? Fashion events will be organized throughout the year to thank you for your  support and reinforce the community of #95frenchies.

Quality is our priority
A lot of thoughts and research went into building the website. Quality in service is a must, this is why The French 95 is constantly working on doing better. Your comments and suggestions help improve our offer. 

The French 95 clothing

Origines of our products
The clothes you will find in the shop are all handpicked, from suppliers around the world, notably the UK, France, USA and China.

Swiss made
The French 95 offers an Original Creations line. All the items of this collection, notably swimwear, are produced locally  in collaboration with independent seamstresses.

Style inspiration
The main purpose is to bring unique styles to you. Taking inspiration from foreign fashion, the latest runway shows and everyday street styles.

Shopping made easy
The French 95 is here to offer you the best shopping experience possible, without you having to leave the comfort of your home. No need to shop abroad anymore to find the perfect outfit. The French 95 will bring it to you.

We hope you enjoy shopping with The French 95!

French95 Cocktail

The French95 is a 1920's cocktail, a bolder variation to the original French75. Just like the latter, The French95 was given its name in reference to the 95mm canon and its powerful kick.

The combination of Bourbon and Champaign is an unusual mix, yet makes it the perfect classic cocktail with a twist.

Next time, why not ask the Bartender for a French95?